306 Billion emails are exchanged every day! I can help you stand out!

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Published on Nov 13, 2023


The digital marketing space is always highly competitive. We have to level up our email to block a mind space in the consumer’s mind. In a world where every day 306 billion emails are exchanged! And only 1.2% of emails get clicked. For better CTR and Conversions, you need to stand out!

Enter the email carousel- your ticket to making your brand shine in the spotlight!
Are you a digital marketer hoping to win over the sheer volume of email marketing? Discover the world of digital marketing innovations.

Promotions tab:

Back in 2013, Gmail introduced the Promotions tab with the aim to help users filter out the content but still, many audiences regularly check their promotions tab. To make it visually appealing, Gmail initiated annotations with visual imagery to help brands stand out! Making each product within their reach and every click to directly the product, users can get a wholesome experience with a positive review. It’s a win-win for both your audience and your brand.

Source: mailmodo

There are 2 features of annotation
i) Deal annotation: To display text-based details like code, and expiration date.

ii) Gmail carousels: Create visually engaging content to captivate your audience.


To geek out more on them you can check out this link by Google!

Email carousel:

This new feature is introduced in Gmail to spike innovation by engaging your audience for better reach. You might have come across the various dimensions of change we have seen in social media sites from square posts, post carousels, reels, stories, and many more. But one superior digital marketing technique that swept the world was emails, so let’s understand how they are evolving!

Source: Braze

Show your brand with visuals of products with a hint of spice.

Why email a carousel?

  1. It’s eye-catching and attractive.
  2. It’s concise so users save time by not reading a lengthy message.
  3. It’s trendy and maximizes campaign impact.
  4. 10 of your products are displayed in the same place making it an effective email.
  5. Invites users to redeem offers, ensuring coupon visibility.
  6. An effective CTA (Call To Action) is displayed right in front of the audience without wasting any time.
  7. Encouraging the audience to engage more with targeting best sellers.
  8. Usually, subject lines are the only way to capture the audience’s spotlight but now we can expand our email marketing and use carousels to help them connect more with the brand.
  9. It’s seen that 60% of people are more likely to engage with an interactive, innovative email.
  10. With the new innovations, we can’t just rely on subject lines, emojis, and preheaders anymore, broaden our content to hook our audience. Moves beyond subject lines to connect with your audience.

Source: google

How can you enhance your email carousels?

  • Zoom: With scrolling, each product image pop with zoom functionality.

Source: armadillocrm

  • Rotation: To view an image better, with innovation! You can show your products on display!

Source: armadillocrm

  • Journey: With witty animations, create the content you need by taking the users through a cruise!

Source: armadillocrm

  • Each text, each template: Imagine having content the audience can use with each image! Sounds good, carousel can make it happen.

Source: armadillocrm

  • Personalisations:

Source: Optinmonster

Personalizing a mail to the audience by understanding their preference can boost your goal to reach conversions but know that there are no 1:1 mail sends but you can always test a larger audience.

  • Auto-play: You can always set a time interval between each scroll for a seamless experience.
  • Loop: After the end of the carousel, you can always put the transition on the loop to keep your audience engaged.

How to add an email carousel?

You can just add a pre-written code and add the images you want your users to see and there you go! You can reveal email carousels to your audience.

How to get pre-written code? Well, ask us! Retention10 can help you!

After that, you have to be on the allowed list, where you can reach out to  p-Gmail-Outreach@google.com to add your biz to the allowed list!

Why Retention10?

A CRM built as a one-stop solution to get and retain each customer  you have!

We can help you enrich each email carousel but in a bird’s eye view, We can help you with everything- Creating content that cooks, Innovation at every step, Best marketing strategies to engage with a wider audience, Giving you the right KPIs and the best of all!
Make you stay updated with each technological advance to help you stay trendy!

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30% of marketers cite that email marketing gives the most ROI! But this is a highly competitive stage! More knowledge, creativity, help, resources, and content are needed at every step! We at retention10 can help you with that!

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