A 30-minute Quality Check of your mail can help upscale your brand. Know how!

Written by Vanshitha M

Published on Dec 14, 2023


Emails hold a higher pedestal in the world of digital marketing. Email revenue is estimated to reach approximately 11 billion by the end of 2023. It also turns out that for every 1$ spent on emails, ROI will be 36$. But in a world where competition is fierce, how do you ensure your email stands out? Are you a digital marketer who is leveling up your email game? Or maybe not? Let’s just take it step-by-step and delve into the art of Quality Check before hitting that ‘send’ button.

What is QC?

Quality Check is the final touch to proofread your content and make sure it is pristine and perfect before reaching your audience.

In a landscape where 64% of users connect with a brand, perfect communication is key. A flawlessly crafted email isn’t just about engagement; it’s about creating an ecosystem that resonates with your audience.


A perfectly curated email is crucial for engagement, and conversions.

Why the Quality Check:

  1. Brand: Establish a space in your user’s mind. Proofreading ensures professionalism. A positive user experience can help the brand foster a better relationship with its users.
  2. Credibility: Neglecting quality could land your emails in spam folders, eroding your brand’s credibility.
  3. Increased engagement: Well-versed mail can impress the users leading to more engagement and conversions.
  4. Cost-savings: A checked email yields higher ROI thus decreasing the cost incurred. There are many tools that are available to streamline the process efficiently.

Steps in Quality check:

  1. Grammar, spelling: Grammarly, Quillbot, and many such tools exist to help us identify minute mistakes.
  2. Formatting: Ensure the email’s fonts and color align with the brand persona.
  3. Tracking Metrics: Ensure to keep tracking metrics, with the permission of the reader to understand the campaign’s effectiveness.
  4. Legalities: Ensure you know all the legal rules to cross the extra burden. Keep the opt-out option clearly in the email so users can easily unsubscribe from your email marketing and Know how to get inactive users back. Know how To know more about legalities, Click here.
  5. A fresh set of eyes: If you are too absorbed in the mail, be sure to pull a new set of eyes to catch overlooked segments.
  6. Optimise: Each has its own application (Yahoo!, Gmail, Apple Mail) Ensure that the HTML code works for every application. Readers also use different devices whilst phones remain the highest contributor (In 2018, 50% of emails were read from phones.) Make sure to optimize readability and engagement from all devices.
  7. Content: Keep the text in the mail concise, with no fancy words, not missing key info, CTA, highlighting important points, and hooking subject lines. Make it visually appealing.

Tips used to Proofread:

  1. Take a break: Right after writing the mail, it will seem perfect. So, we do not read properly but take a break and come back.
  2. More time: Take 30 minutes to ensure reading every line and aligning all elements and DO NOT RUSH!
  3. Assessment: Deliverability factors such as SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) authentication and crosschecking with DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) and IP regulation to create credibility fast-tracking your mail to the inbox.
  4. Spam filters: There are tools to help us understand the ways to legitimate an email. According to a study, 71% of emails we get are spam-related.
  5. Checklist: This article can help you start with the checklist but customise the checklist with emails to help comprehend important takeaways you look in that mail.
  6. Tracked data: Use the data to further optimize the email campaigns with data-driven adjustments.
  7. Cut out unnecessary words: A simple trick used in copywriting; Simplicity!
  8. Read the mail aloud.

When to Quality Check:

Moving to a different email campaign? Changing your email template? Make sure to recheck every step.

Cross Check these:

→Preview the mail.

→All the links work.

→Day/ Dates are accurate.

→ Logo check.

→ Apt attachments.


Yes! Email quality check is perfectly suitable for every business across every sector, helping them upscale and create a professional persona for themselves. 

Source: omproofreading

This is where personalization was sent wrong

Cutting off the subject lines

Source: webfx

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Thanks for reading.

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