Is using AI in your CRM helping you or not?

Written by Vanshitha M

Published on Apr 01, 2024


Artificial Intelligence has taken the mainstream by the high wave. A study by McKinsey predicted that even if AI is used for business, it will be mostly used for marketing and sales. The effect of AI has been everywhere. And AI, evidently made digital marketer’s tasks easier. But is it advantageous to use Artificial Intelligence in your Customer Retention strategies? Let’s find out more!

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Turns out that 35% of brands have already incorporated AI, which is estimated to reach 50%.

What is AI-generated content?

AI-generated content is any written or visual content created by Artificial Intelligence. This creates high-quality content over a shorter period of time with nuances taht fit apt to teh situation.

How is AI helping brands?

AI has helped brands with several domains.

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50% of marketers use AI.


53% of marketers use AI for data analysis.



50% of marketers are concerned over data privacy and ethics while using AI.

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AI: Good or bad? The good side of AI:

  1. Improved efficiency: Leave the boredom of repetitive tasks. AI looks for the easiest way to attain a goal and reduce the time. With the easiest customer segmentation, personalization, and improved ad targeting, Marketers can get their job done easily.

  2. Fast and accurate customer data processing: All the data from every source of your marketing campaign can be collected and analyzed with AI.

  3. Personalization: AI tracks the data of users; including browsing history, and searches, and recommends products accordingly. 91% of users will buy more if they have customized recommendations. Chatbots can streamline a personalized journey for any user. 76% of users feel frustrated when they don’t have a personalized experience with brands.

  4. Optimized Marketing campaign: Every campaign is better with personalized messages that can be delivered with the help of AI.

  5. Decision making: WIth predictive analysis through history and data-driven insights to foster the decision-making process.

  6. Lack of connection: The most important checklist in a marketer’s book is to connect with the audience which cannot be possible without human intervention.

The bad side of AI:

  1. Data Privacy: Throughout our blogs, we have already raised a concern for users who desire transparency but with AI, you have no control over the consumer data.

  2. Biases or inaccurate information: Even small mishaps with the data can create inaccurate information and lead to mistargeted advertisements. AI cannot analyze feelings or emotions. Algorithm errors are prevalent in the domain.

  3. Lack of creativity: AI is reliant on humans, The “what” can be said by AI but the “Why” should be figured out by us marketers. Over-reliance can also create havoc on the brand. It can also look repetitive or duplicated. Example: The AI can let us know that the brand didn’t reach its targets but how and why should be the reason behind it.

  4. Lack of human touch: No matter how evolved the AI gets, people still crave human intervention, and the chatbox isn’t suitable to replace humans no matter how emotional it gets according to marketing if the chatbox actually looks too much of a human, it gets creepy for users.

Is Artificial Intelligence beneficial for your marketing?

Well, yes and no! The way you leverage AI and incorporate it into your campaigns matters but if you rely entirely on AI, it will create an emotionless campaign making users lose connection with the brand. Understand the nuances of AI and how you can make every task simpler with it.


AI is the buzzword we hear every day, but is it overhyped or hyped rightly? That’s what this article wants to figure out. But in the end, it’s all about what steps you as a marketer take to get better at this game. Stay on top of the trends but figure out how to leverage them for maximum efficiency.


So, Comprehend to leverage Artificial Intelligence rather than relying on them.

Source: explodingtopics

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