Journey of Apple's Mail Protection Policy and your role as a passenger!

Written by Vanshitha M

Published on Aug 12, 2023

Mail Protection Privacy is a security feature added to Apple’s mail. To explain it better in day-to-day terms, imagine someone sends you an email, and they would get all-around data on you, including your location, and all your online activity which is termed as “open tracking". To avoid such tricks, Apple introduced the feature MPP which is achieved by hiding your IP address.

Let me ask you, what is Apple known for? It's fool-proof security and this feature is part of the package

For every email marketer, Where do you think the high users are?

It’s Apple Mail! As of 2023, 58.67% meaning more than half of the world is using Apple Mail.

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is one of the best ways to organically build your online presence. In 2022, 332.2 billion emails were exchanged IN A DAY! With 40$ ROI for 1$ spent. Email’s constancy is here to stay, but how can we keep up with the MPP to get the maximum effect?

The effect and anonymity of MPP on Email Marketers.

This anonymity of emails can be a downfall to marketers.

1) Marketers wouldn't get an in-depth analysis of the conversion.

2) The demographic of the audience and statistics on a visitor becoming a buyer.

3) With the MPP, we wouldn’t even be able to show timers for sales or such, and even if we use timers it will be outdated making us lose valuable customers.

Usually, a marketer’s metric works on the opening of the mail by the user but with MPP’s arrival, the images and data are fetched by the software showing the marketer that the data is opened making the whole metric’s data unreliable.

MPP Impact:

This not only affects the people who are using Apple Mail but also those who have enabled MPP. But MPP opens are significantly lower for Gmail, yahoo users and significantly higher for Apple users.

Why shouldn’t Email Marketers worry?

MPP is a choice people make selectively. So, for personalized mail, most people may not even choose it. And according to statistics,

How can you as an email marketer can get ahead of MPP/ Getting back your Apple Audience:

1. Shift to another metric rather than reading a mail. Make use of metrics that don’t get affected by MPP.

2. As of now, open data is unreliable so marketers need to rely on click data, where we track user’s clicking rate of the links in the mail.

3. Don’t worry if your open rates are more than your click rates. With the MPP it’s also possible that your mail can be seen as open even if the user didn’t open it.

4. Rethink your mailing list do send them emails on whether they would like to be part of your list and reprioritise the list.

5. Use more CTA’s so they can click the links.

6. Engage your audience, and for this, you can use the Automation tools available.

7. The world is moving to a world protecting privacy yet many people still crave personalization so wouldn’t mind denying the protection of MPP.

Yet, there are tools we can use to maximize our effort. 


Whether we like it or not, Privacy talks are the talk of the town right now. And this privacy includes MPP. So, we need to make sure we do our best to get ahead of time and do the best to get the best conversions.

Thanks for reading.

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