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Email Marketing as evident can be a two-edged sword, it can be a really good marketing technique or do absolutely nada! As a marketer, are you facing the issue of having little to no leads from your sent emails? Perhaps they do not even reach your customer’s inboxes and serve us no purpose if they end up in the spam folder of their emails. Stay connected because my discussion can help you increase your leads by 28%!

Why BIMI?​

BIMI lets you be yourself! Brand Indicator for Message Identification” is a tool that you and I, as marketers need! This is the noble Blue Tick to your brand. No matter how many brands there are, authentication can help your brand shine in the spotlight.

Let me explain it way simply, if someone messaged you on Instagram without any profile photo or a blue tick, advertising you about a brand, we would never in our wildest dreams respond to them. If you won’t respond, we should not expect our clientele to respond to us. So, let’s take that extra mile to offer authenticity to your clients.

At times it can be challenging for us to contact the customers and make a positive engagement due to hundreds and thousands of emails flooding our inboxes. So BIMI helps your brand send emails with a logo, and you will control each logo that goes on your mail, enhance user experience and engagement, and these ownerships are verified by Verified Mark Certificates (VMC).
According to a study, BIMI is accountable for a significant increase of 21% in open rates in the United States of America and 39% in the United Kingdom!

In another report, marketers have said that brand recognition amounts to 68% of the open rate.
On the whole, this is generally what happens when you open your Gmail if you have BIMI (Referring to the images pasted below)

Source: postmarkapp

How does this help you get better at the email marketing game?

  1. No Fake Personality: Your domain will be secure from all the impersonators when you get officially verified. Do not lose your valuable clients to bogus brands.
  2. Trust: When you are establishing credibility for your messages, it can help your clients get the ideal content and email engagement and help create an impression. Most open rates decrease because users are reluctant to open emails from unknown sources.
  3. Eradicate Phishing: Security is given a top priority in the cyber world, and phishing is one of the best entry points for cybercriminals. It is estimated that nearly 96% of phishing crimes are done by email. When you legitimate your message, every client can securely open their mail.
  4. Be Unique: From hundreds of profiles, if there’s a proper brand logo and authentication, your mail will stand out!
  5. End up in inbox!: When readers just delete the unread messages, it makes the ISP (Internet Service Provider) send your mail to spam or even reject them ending up nowhere in your client’s mail. But if there’s some or other level of engagement, it can help you boost your reputation thus ending up in the inbox.
  6. Make your mark: Good content is hard to come by but when you actually take time and work hard for your emails, don’t let your emails wind up in spam! 

Secure your domain:

Nearly 319.6 billion emails were exchanged every day. Then how can you ensure that your users are secure and even your domain is legitimate?

DMARC (domain-based message authentication, reporting, and conformance) can make this happen. This prevents all spammers from using your domain as the source. Imagine some hacker pretending to be your close member and asking for your personal details. DMARC prevents these emails from even entering your inbox. The policy is simple and complex at the same time. Imagine you are hiring professionals for a content writer! After weighing everything, you will either accept or reject it or keep it on hold, but this in and of itself, is a really tedious task! So simplify everything for the policy to have your mail end up directly in the inbox.

Source: postmarkapp


DKIM or “DomainKeys Identified Mail” helps to identify if the email is altered or in the same state so it helps to know that no interception is done to any mail.

How to get verified?

The verified mark in the social media apps is “the talk of the town” these days!
This is mostly technical jargon but I will try to break it down for you!

1) Domain: When you create a website, you have to create a domain name (example: and you create this through a registrar like which uses DNS(Domain Network System) to connect your domain with your details. Identify your domain registrar.

Also, you need to understand DNS TXT records, these records should be in your domain provider’s management console. Set up SPF, DMARC, and DKIM.
Source: Google

2) Brand logo: Create and upload your brand logo in an SVG file, and upload the file to your public web server. Source: Google


3) Logo Trademark: You need to get a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC).

Source: Google


4) Create your BIMI record by adding your brand’s SVG file’s URL and then add a DNS record at your domain provider.

Source: Google

This information is really puzzling, I can understand. So, let me redirect you to the official information.

Where is BIMI available?

Source: postmarkapp

Example of BIMI:

See the brand logo? And the verified mark? This situation is excellent for establishing trustworthiness.
LinkedIn is well known for its perfect platform curated for networking, and finding job prospects but still, LinkedIn goes through another step to help enhance its credibility and security by leveraging BIMI!

But, BIMI can only authenticate your logo?

No! A logo can also be kept by using profile photos and Google annotations. But! Note that this doesn’t provide any kind of security benefits. To be able to have higher rewards, Follow the actual process.


BIMI will be the game changer in the field of email marketing. BIMI acts as a genuine emblem and helps you reach out to more people in a better way. Cyber Crimes are on a roll so to get on top of these agendas, we as marketers improvise to help reach better security and legitimacy. But this is more than a logo, the whole process of this authentication will take you several levels in securing your account for the brand and also your users. So, make the right choice.

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Thanks for reading.

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