What is the best retention channel, Email, SMS, and WhatsApp?

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Published on Sep 25, 2023


Are you concerned about using the incorrect domain for your marketing or worried that your click-through rates and conversion rates are rapidly decreasing?

If you are lost in this digital wilderness,
Don’t worry you found your ideal destination. Come along and we can discuss various domains to comprehend which platform precisely fits your needs.

Messaging your clients:

Have you ever noticed the quirky push notifications of Zomato?

Source: Reforge

These notifications make it too tough for us to ignore, which ultimately leads to an increase in click-through rates and conversion rates.

As a marketer, boosting profits is our modus operandi. To reach that you need to sell and this can be possible with the maximum reach of your marketing strategy, through increasing CTR (Click-through Rate).

There are multiple ways to connect with your audience and it can get tricky to choose something you actually like! Let’s delve into the realm of message marketing.

Push Notifications:

A properly crafted notification policy will achieve click rates as high as 30%.
The average US smartphone user receives 46 push notifications per day.
Push notifications can increase your CTR by 3500% and boost your app retention by 3 to 10%.

Using notifications, you can directly end up in your user’s phone.
You can directly engage users and keep them informed about deals, coupons, and vital updates.
But beware, with wrong moves, too many notifications, or wrong content can make a user disable the notifications or worse, even delete the app.

There are several apps you can use for push notifications service.


Source: Businessofapps

The benchmarks in the study were broken down to 90th, 50th, and 10th percentiles where the 10th percentile refers to 10% of the apps having a lower value. The 50th Percentile is the median for the vertical. The opt-in data is divided into 7 verticals. It’s been found that Android finance apps are on the top of opt-in push notifications(96%). We can identify that iOS opt-in rates are lower than Andorid’s because, for Android phones, the notifications bell is set by default.

Source: Businessofapps

A study by Helplama found that disabling notifications can be for several reasons including boring content, and more messages but an interesting fact has been found that sending more than 20 messages has only made 5% of users disable the notifications.

Source: Businessofapps

So, the context and content always matter. For expert guidance in crafting compelling content, Do join us, Retention10!

Whatsapp messaging for business:

WhatsApp is used by 2.2 Billion Global users., and spikes conversions by 112%.

Source: AiSensy

Whatsapp has a jaw-dropping 98% of open rate and 45-60% of CTR. This might be the powerhouse for open rates.
How to know if WhatsApp is for you? It might be that your business has low-volume messages to be sent.

Source: Zendesk

Whatsapp is preferred over any messenger marketing channel by 500 million businesses globally. WhatsApp Business API can be perfect for connecting with your customers on a real-time basis, CRM(Customer Retention Management), and many more. Whatsapp Business: WhatsApp is revolutionizing the way business works. It has become a new and top player in giving a one-size-fits-all solution to the whole user experience rather than distributing each service to each third-party software. From creating a meta-verified business profile to giving automated replies after biz hours, greeting, and Labelling each conversation to not confuse between so many messages, Metrics help us identify the brand’s WhatsApp reach, WhatsApp payments, and catalog providing all information on all items for easy navigation of users. And you know what’s better in Customer Retention Management with perfect lifecycle management? Retention10! Contact us right away!

Email Marketing:

A staggering 319.6 billion emails are exchanged every single day.

Email marketing is one of the proven ways to captivate your audience. In 1978, a digital marketing agency Thuerk sent the first commercial email for marketing. And the results were phenomenal. Emails are ideal for testing A/B marketing techniques and knowing what is the most efficient for your biz.

Source: MailChimp

But the competition is comparatively high. So, you need to invest a lot of time to curate the perfect content. If your biz cannot allocate more resources to email, it’s better to not use it as a priority in your marketing.
According to statistics, Email marketing revenue reached almost 11 billion by the end of 2023, and 37% of brands There must be some or the other ROI for brands to invest such huge amounts in email marketing.

SMS Marketing:

SMS (Short Message Service) is also one of the domains marketers use in digital marketing. After researching, it was found that 61% of users actually prefer to have two-way communication with brands.

Source: SimpleTexting

For e-commerce brands, they see a 98% open rate and 38% CTR.

The perfect domain? It’s complex!

There is a lot at play when it comes to choosing an effective digital channel for marketing. Let me jot down every point so you can choose what works for you, Remember there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Thus, YOU DO YOU!

  • WhatsApp is definitely a new card in the marketing space and it can directly enter the user’s horizon. But make sure the messages are not too spammy, intrusive, or too many.
  • E-mails can be a fair option but with the wrong move, it can end up in a spam folder. It is also found that users take 6.5 hours to view an email but only 15 minutes to view push notifications or SMS.
    When we compare SMS and Email, these are the user statistics;

Source: SimpleTexting

  • SMS can also come as intrusive and they are expensive but push notifications can be the best way to engage the users but they need to download an app and enable notifications for the same.
  • Emails can be better for brand identification and verification establishing credibility. Text messages can have better reach. Push notifications can have deeper app value and CTR.

There can be various factors on the ground but understand the players aka the audience, The Target audience is given utmost priority in the space of digital marketing, hence go back to the fundamentals and curate the perfect platform and content according to your need.

How to boost user retention?

  1. Add actionable CTAs to supercharge your push notification campaign outcomes by 40+%.
  2. Push notifications appear to be outweighing email marketing by delivering better results. When compared, push notification campaigns to observe opening rates increase by 50%, click rate by 7 times, and retention rates by 93%.
  3. The push notification opening rate can be improved by using emojis (20%), industry-specific send times (40%), rich formats (25%), personalization (4x), and advanced targeting (3x).
  4. Don’t sound spammy or pushy, Make sure there is a flow to the content and it provides valuable content to the users.
  5. Users mostly disable the notifications because they can be irritating, distracting, wrong timing, or irrelevant. It’s been found that eCommerce will get the best response between 2-4 pm on Wednesdays, Media from 9-10 pm on Tuesdays, and Digital marketing agencies between 2-7 pm on Tuesdays, This information is specific but it’s actually true.
  6. Tailor and curate the message’s content to your audience so they can actually click on the message sent, Better content is non-negotiable.
  7. A catchy headline is a no-brainer for any promotional content.

Content matters!:

  1. Make the content concise and engaging.
  2. Add CTA (Call To Action) which is a remark you want your audience to perform. Know that until you don’t say an action, the audience won’t do it, Prompt the action.
  3. Get your mail verified through BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) for trustworthiness and to not end up in the spam For content to be read, make sure they end up in the user’s inbox. If you wish to know more about BIMI, read this article. (BIMI For Email Marketing)
  4. Write the content as if you are directly talking to the audience and clearly address their pain points.

Why Retention10?

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Thanks for reading.

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