The latest and most efficient retention play, Resurrection!

Written by Vanshitha M

Published on Dec 30, 2023


Are you a digital marketer searching for the best strategies to bring back the dormant users of your brand? Then this article is for you!

What is resurrection?

When a user returns to your brand after being inactive for a while, it is called resurrection.

Source: Amplitude

What is the resurrected user retention?

When a user is dormant aka isn’t using your brand for a longer time, they have gone AWOL! But a curated resurrected strategy can bring them back.

Why resurrection?

Retention and getting back the inactive audience is way easier and more effective than acquiring new ones.

Retention Vs Acquisition:

  1. Users are already familiar with your brand.
  2. The cost of retention is lower than acquisition.
  3. The likelihood of bringing back dormant users is more.
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  • Product development: Usually with resurrection, you can have a better picture of why the audience is becoming inactive in the first place.

  • Competitive analysis: Users might have gone dormant because they found a better product, if you figure out why, you will know how you can stand apart.

  • Increases customer lifetime value since trust and credibility are already established.

  • Increases customer satisfaction: Regular interval checking can ensure better user interaction and engagement and resolve problems with app interfaces or any other problems.

How to identify dormant users?

  1. Fix your criteria:Each business has its own criteria for what dormancy means. A vacation company can see dormancy for months and that is completely fine.

  2. Analyse data: Understand the FRM (Frequency, Recency, Monetary) model to flag the users who are dormant.

  3. Segmentation: Comprehend the audience behavior and segment them to curate engagement campaigns.

You can retain your users at 3 stages:

      1. Primary Onboarding: Show the customer’s brand’s value and welcome them rightly by welcome campaigns.


      1. Secondary Onboarding: Giving the value of new products and driving repeated usage, you can do this through coupons and offers.


    1. Tertiary onboarding: Channeling the existing users to spread positive word-of-mouth and drive referrals.
Whilst we are focussing on retaining users from the existing consumer base, we are soon forgetting that inactive audience who can serve a better revenue for our brand.

How can you improve resurrection:

  • Surveys: Understand what went wrong and how you can help your audience.

Source: appcues

  • Personalization: Use custom messaging to hit the right wave by understanding behavior and go that extra mile to bridge their pain point in emails, and push notifications.

Source: teknicks

  • Do not force: Know when to stop with the re-engagement strategies and give users a proper way of opt-out choice. Let the users be in control and rule.

Source: appcues

  • Smooth re-engaging procedure: After coming back to the brand, ensure they know the value they provide and keep an efficient journey.

Source: teknicks

  • Value them: Encourage them to be part of your brand and reward them accordingly.

Source: teknicks

How to improve retention:

A case study:

Duolingo is an American app providing educational content and language certification.

This is how they help resurrection:

  • Personalization re-engagement campaigns: Fun emails in following up with the inactive audience.

Source: Bootcamp

  • Easy interface: Any user can use Duolingo and have no problem with navigating through the app.

Source: Bootcamp

  • Welcome back campaign: When Duolingo user comes back, they will have an easy onboarding procedure.

Source: Bootcamp

  • Encourage retention: The streak campaign has allowed users to be consistent and encourages learning.

Source: Bootcamp

  • Gamification: Game techniques are used to increase user engagement.

Source: Bootcamp

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Resurrection is the best way to get the users back to your brand. Even if resurrection takes place, analyze how exactly so you can see which campaign was the most effective. For more updates on digital marketing trends, you can check out our blog here!

Thanks for reading.

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