"Headwind and Tailwind in customer retention what is good or bad for your Customer"

Written by Vanshitha M

Published on Sep 20, 2023


Are you a digital marketer looking to incorporate effective marketing strategies to retain customers? Then understand headwind and tailwind perfectly to curate and customise for your target audience.

Headwind and Tailwind:-

Imagine you are riding a bicycle, A heavy wind blows in front of you, and it makes it difficult for you to move but fliiping the story, if the wind comes from beneath you, it would be easy for you to move. In terms of business, this is exactly how headwinds and tailwinds function.

Headwind is the external negative effect that can hamper your company’s growth.

Tailwind is the external positive effect that boosts your company’s growth!

What’s your stake in all this? Well, if you can understand exactly what is causing this headwind and tailwind you would be able to comprehend and make changes.


Even when we keep our absolute best efforts, there are factors that we can’t control that affect our business negatively. The effect can be either good or bad.

For example,

Consider this transformation in transportation, the traditional way of taking an auto or a taxi has been shifted to ride-hailing apps like Uber, and Ola due to the digital era. Right now, the apps are taking a paradigm towards the market. So, the market needs and behaviors can position the company on either side of this arrow.

Another alluring example illustrated by Reforge about pre and post-covid scenarios:

Source: Reforge

Here, Headwind refers to the situation when your company’s purpose does not align with the user’s behavior and needs.
Tailwind refers to the situation when your company’s purpose is perfectly aligned with your user’s behavior and needs.

Leveraging Headwinds and Tailwinds

The market environment is ever-changing and volatile, a single policy can impact your business and marketing strategy. So, it’s important to adapt to the changes,

This can be a 3-step process:-
Plan: Know which end of the spectrum you are in.

Experiment: Experiment with the market by giving your best.

Analyse: Understand which choice made you on the tail spectrum and use that.


But then again, change is the only constant so make sure to scan user behavior for trends. This reminds me of our company, Retention10, a game-changer to level up with your marketing strategies for maximum retention. Book a demo call with us right away so you can leave the stress of innovative ideas to us!

  1. Know the users: Users are the central part of an organization. So, get to know them by feedback and understand how their mindset works to bridge any gaps left to reach your goals.
  2. Comprehend the inputs: Rather than focussing on the output of monetization, understand the motivation that’s driving your users.
  3. Curate your retention strategy: When the habits of people are always changing, you must focus on the target audience to whom you can make a difference so for this you might have to leave your existing audience persona. So understand the audience who are gonna like your product and amplify the marketing policy to them. You need to move with the tide, not against it!

How does headwind occur:

  1. Economy: When people are in a pinch with funds, they won’t be able to buy your product, and understand the gaps in the market.
  2. Competition: Be aware of your competition, they can be the reason for the gap between your company and your product.
  3. Negative PR: A bad spotlight can be a huge headwind to your marketing strategies.
  4. Policies: Sudden regulations especially in the international market can be a downfall.

How does tailwind occur:

  1. Good PR: A good spotlight can be a bridge to the gaps.
  2. High satisfaction: Take regular feedback to understand where your product stands in the market.


Know your audience and understand their behavior to become a tail from a head. Getting ahead of the trends is the best way to become a tail, but you know what!


In a nutshell, businesses should focus on mitigating headwinds and capitalizing on tailwinds. Regularly collecting and analyzing customer feedback, adapting to changing market conditions, and staying customer-centric paves the way for your success.

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Examples of Headwind and Tailwind:

During COVID-19, Many platforms utilized the digital era perfectly and this paved the path to increased e-commerce, online education, and cashless transactions bringing their customers to the online world. This has been a great tailwind to companies like Zoom, Paytm, Physicswallah, and many more.


But if we don’t get on with the times, it will be difficult to retain the customers in the longer term success.


Join us at Retention10 and let’s ride the tailwind together to new heights of customer retention and profits.

Thanks for reading.

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