Using the same ad again? It can lead to creative fatigue and reduce your conversions by 8%. Know how to tackle it!

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Published on Apr 11, 2024


People who saw the ad 6-10 times were 4.1% less likely to buy a product than those who saw the ad 2-5 times. If an ad is shown 1 time more, it might decrease the likeliness of a user’s purchase! This is the reality. Let us understand how we will be able to handle this as a pro digital marketer to ensure your brand’s success.

Source: Enginescout

What is Creative Fatigue?

Creative fatigue refers to the frequency of viewing the same creative elements in ads. When 2 different ads with the same creatives are shown repeatedly, the user perceives the ads as the same. The marketing, and advertisement field is a competitive arena, and the ability to capture people’s focus is really rare. Creative fatigue decreases the opportunity to capture your audience. 


As a digital marketer, the outcome we are fond of is to get the maximum CTR (Click-Through Rates) and that can only be possible with an attractive creative. There are thousands of ads circulating in a user’s phone, to gain their attention; it gets a little complicated.

Source: medium

The creative differences can be in text, images, or color differences.

Source: rocketium

The advertisements made its pace back in 1994, the first advertisement was of AT&T which had a CTR of 44%.

Source: peppercontent

Right now, an expected CTR for digital marketers is 0.05% which is tough to attain in this world of high technology.

Measuring Creative Fatigue:

Source: Enginescout

Impact of Creative Fatigue:

  • Higher Cost Per Click (CPC) and decreased Click-Through Rate (CTR). The budget to show a user the ad repeatedly increases CPC but if the user doesn’t take action after viewing the ad, it leads to decreased CTR boosting the budget and decreasing profits.

  • Decrease in Brand exposure: With no engagement, algorithms start to view a user out of the target group, which decreases the brand visibility in social media.

  • Brand annoyance: There’s a fine line between delivering an ad and annoying the users. If an ad is delivered to a person repeatedly, it reduces CTR, engagement, and diversification of the ad.

  • Missing out on ads or decreased relevancy:

Source: peppercontent

  • Performance skinks: With the same creative coming up, the audience will get bored by it and hence the performance sinks.

  • With creative fatigue, you wouldn’t be able to optimize Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

  • Habituation: It’s a phenomenon where a human mind doesn’t perceive stimuli if it stops being interesting.

Tackling Creative Fatigue:

1) Expand your audience base:

Source: Enginescout

The same creative can be used with other audiences by tweaking it to personalize. This reduces extra effort and creative fatigue.

Example:  rocketium

2) Change your ad:

The variation at which you change your ad depends on your audience and the industry of your brand, to give a sneak peek this image might help you.

Source:  rocketium

3) Do not clutter your ad:

With the rise of short-form content, it is said that the attention span of users has decreased by quite a lot. So, create ads that are catchy, easy to read, and emphasize what your brand is. Trying out innovative ideas like memes, and videos can amp up your game. These can have an impact of 65% on their delivery.

Source: Enginescout

4) Ad Rotations:

Creating 4-5 new variations and changing each variation after a few days can initiate a greater impact.

Source: bannerflow

5) Ad Placement:

Different placements on a webpage have different view %. Every placement has a different way to market. Depending on the ad, few do well at the header and few do well at the footer.

Source: setuppad

6) Update with the seasons:

Get along with the festivals and keep some timely ads to emphasize sales, and offers related to the season. In fact, studies show that seasonal or localization of ads can increase CTR up to 52%.

Source: Enginescout

Source: setuppad

7) Frequency cap:

This lets you customize how frequently a user can see your advertisement.

Source: Enginescout

8) Track and Monitor:

No strategy is the best if you do not take the time to measure the success of your campaign. Proactivity is the best strategy but it’s always not too late to understand the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to understand where your marketing stands. A few KPIs’ include CTR, CPM, CPA, and ROI.

Source: bannerflow

9) Variety:

Try out different methods to understand what works for you. Studies prove that live rates and product feeds increase the benefit of ads by 82.7%. If ads use in-banner videos, they have a higher CTR of 18.4%, and 55.2% of all weekend CTR is through mobile phones, So try optimization, and different placement to avoid creative fatigue. 


There are also interactive advertisements you can opt for. Affiliate programs can help you declutter the advertisements.

Source: peppercontent

10) Say no to intrusive ads:

Do not complicate your ad placement or intrude on the browsing experience of the user. Even the advertisement you show should be seamless. A study shows that the letter ‘F’ is how our eyes scan on a webpage.

Source: Setuppad

Source: Setuppad


Creative fatigue can be the worst way to handle the marketing of a brand. It takes apart the effort and innovation of the marketer. But for every crisis a marketer faces, we can come up with various solutions.

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