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Published on Oct 13, 2023


Digital Marketing is a field of segmentation of data of the users. User data has a lot of significance. Staying ahead of the marketing curve is not just an option; it’s a necessity. And with the witness of another transformation of the industry, and with the release of iOS 17 by Apple, another seismic shift is underway. Are you a digital marketer trying to comprehend the new iOS 17 of Apple and leveraging it to the maximum effect?

Unveiling iOS 17: A game changer for digital marketing:

iOS 17 is the latest update on Apple’s Operating System. With over 1.46 billion Apple users worldwide in 2023. So, its significance cannot be overstated. Deep dive into the article to understand how iOS 17 reshapes our approach to digital marketing and our role within it.

Digital Marketing and iOS 17.

Apple’s products have long been a pioneer in security features! And iOS 17 carries this tradition.
Apple incorporated iOS 15 by building the famous MPP(Mail Privacy Protection).
To understand how MPP affected marketers and audiences, check out our article here.


And the story is only gonna create more impact soon. With the iOS 17 launch, there are going to be numerous privacy changes! Changing the whole paradigm of the Digital Marketing world.

The new feature of iOS 17 is

LTP (Link Tracking Protection): Marketers use this, to incorporate links in the URLs of their company’s website to track the info and behaviors of the user, customer retention, and engagement. The iOS 17 restricts this activity.

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Why is LTP integrated into the new iOS?

Link Tracking using third-party software can inadvertently collect personal info along with their online activity paving the path of exploitation. So, many users are wary of tracking procedures. Apple introduced this feature to help users gain control over their data.

LTP is driven by a commitment to user privacy sent over emails, messages, and Safari browsers. If a message or mail is sent with a URL, It will cover the URL with a privacy-preserving link to close the backdoor to the data.


These are the trackers that got blocked:

  • gclid – Google AdWords / Google Analytics
  • dclid – Google Display Network
  • fbclid – Facebook Advertising
  • twclkd – Twitter Advertising
  • msclkid – Microsoft Advertising
  • mc_eid – Mailchimp
  • igshid – Instagram

These are the trackers that are spared:

  • UTM’s – Urchin Tracking Module
  • pk_* – Piwik
  • piwik_* – Piwik
  • mtm_* – Matmo
  • hsa_* – Hubspot
  • epik – Pinterest
  • ef_id – Adobe Advertising Cloud
  • s_kwicid – Adobe Analytics
  • dm_i – dotdigital
  • _branch_match_id – Branch
  • mkevt – eBay
  • campid – eBuy
  • si – Spotify
  • _bta_tid – Bronto
  • _bta_c – Bronto
Your role as a digital marketer: As a digital marketer, the iOS 17 update challenges you to adapt and innovate. Here’s how you can navigate this new landscape. → Explore Alternatives: Instead of relying solely on tracking, consider leveraging first-party data including email, push notifications, phone numbers, messages CTR, and Conversions, to understand user behavior. → Effect on Social media campaigns: Now, even implications arise for Google and Facebook, so be proactive and collect the data of users with consent when they visit your website. But still, the data on social media including views, likes, and engagement can help us understand which post/content reaches the audience better. You can still measure the conversions and drop-off metrics. → Transparent: There are other alternatives to track your user data; Ask! Customer surveys are the primary and best way to understand your brand from users ’ perspective. Prioritize user trust and transparency by utilizing deterministic, probabilistic approaches and marketing mix tracking. → Harnessing first-party data: These data include a) Website analytics: Page views, visits, time spent, bounce rates, emails, demographics, and preferences. b)Customer profiles: Profiles are the content user fills in while they create an account. Use this data to understand your consumer more and engage through marketing campaigns. c) Purchase history d) Omnichannel engagement: Data collected from emails, physical stores, websites, push notifications, and social media can all be clubbed together to identify user behavior and swap to effective campaigns. → Make your strategy Bulletproof: It’s evident that the world is moving towards data security so, incorporate consented data to meet your metrics. Opt for privacy-friendly CRM (Customer Retention management) Retention10 to ensure compliance with changing data security regulations. → Embrace Change: Digital marketing is dynamic. So, ensure to keep in check all the trends and adapt to the evolving situations. You can always stay updated by checking out Retention10’s blog here!

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Is your CRM Compatible with iOS 17?

It’s pivotal to understand if your Customer Retention Management is aligned with the new landscape. At Retention10 can help you bridge the new tech and fit your brand like a perfect jigsaw puzzle.


Know that the world is moving towards a more private, secure world. Retention10 can help you come up with robust techniques to help your brand rely on first-party data direct user data and various alternatives, helping the aim for a secure world. Adaptability is the key! But being proactive with our approach can help your brand reach the stars! Which can be possible through Retention10. Book a demo call with us right away.


People have grown concerned about the monitoring of their online data. So Apple and many other brands are prioritizing the privacy and security of the users more. This also means that we digital marketers should up our game by enhancing our tactics while respecting our user’s information.


It’s always important to keep an eye on the changing trends in the digital marketing space. Every day, new tech comes along either benefitting or to detriment the marketer’s efforts. But, one thing’s for sure is how regulated tracking technology becomes soon enough!
iOS 17 marks another milestone in the ongoing shift towards data privacy and security. So be sure to learn and leverage other marketing techniques to level up as a marketer.

Why Retention10?

It’s always tough to make note of all the innovations strolling through the digital world. But, we can help you stay updated with all the information and help you get the best CRM (Customer Retention Management) to enhance each marketing strategy of yours.


We can help you respect each user’s privacy and security by also delivering the top metrics of conversations and CTR (Click-Through Rate):

  1. Content: With content that captures the audience’s eyes, we can help you create content that hooks.
  2. Campaign Management: With a professional team with 10+ years of experience in CRM, our team can help you curate and implement effective campaigns.
  3. Funnel drop-off: It’s often possible that due to many regulations we are handling, the drop-off in our audience is high. We can help you figure it out and rectify it.

Contact Retention10 today and unlock the potential of your brand in the era of data privacy. Together, we can build a secure, innovative, and successful future for your biz. Book a demo call with us right away and take the first step towards reaching new heights in digital marketing.

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