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Published on Dec 17 , 2023


Did you know that 40 to 70% of notifications marketers send are actually not delivered? Push notification marketing is one of the top dogs in digital marketing. The push marketing software is estimated to reach a revenue of USD 36043.61 million by 2030. Despite reigning supreme power, push notification marketing still faces its own dark side that can significantly impact your efforts. Let’s delve into the shadows and uncover the secrets of the push delivery.

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Push Notification Marketing:

Push notification marketing is a strategic approach that leverages push notifications to inform users about products and services. These notifications can be:
a)Transactional: Providing order details, package tracking, etc.

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b) Promotional: Advertisements and marketing of products and services by the company including enticing offers.

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Types of Push Notifications:

  • Mobile notifications: Pop-up notifications in mobiles to give transactional and promotional messages, requiring app downloads.
  • Browser notifications: Alerts that a visitor can get after visiting a website with permission. This requires no downloading of the app.

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  • Desktop notifications: Visible on the desktop or laptop interface.

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  • Wearable notifications: Designed for smartwatches.

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This is the usual structure of a push notification:

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The dark side of Push Notification delivery:

It’s been surveyed that 40-70% of push notifications go undelivered, resulting in a 50% engagement loss in the Indian market.

Why Push Notifications?

  • The world of smartphone exposure is too big to lose out on.
  • Push notifications can help marketers openly, and securely get leads of user data to segment and further craft attention-grabbing campaigns.
  • Push notifications are easier to get noticed and drive more traffic. In fact, it is said to increase app engagement by 88%. 40% of users engage with a notification within an hour of receiving it, the potential is undeniable.

Source: business.adobe

  • Push notification can be leveraged to gather data on CTR, and open rate. From the data, you can figure out which notification resonated with your audience. It also can be a great tool in helping users in the journey with your brand.

Basically the pre-notation of the user’s data and the aftermath of what works is given by push notifications.

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Notification Delivery Metrics:

  • By sectors:


Delivery %





Media and Entertainment


Travel & Hospitality


Financial Services






  • Phone wise: (India)


Delivery %









Source: mediabrief

Why the undelivered push notifications?

  • Battery: Due to aggressive battery optimization, the equipment used reduces the delivery of notifications and it majorly includes Chinese OEM Devices.
  • Engagement: When the user reduces engagement with the app, it reduces the readability of the messages by 56%. If the user doesn’t see notifications, it expires.
  • Opt-out: 40% of users intentionally choose to disable the notifications.

Source: Pushengage

  • Device compatibility: The user’s device might restrict the notifications you send.
  • Demographic: Push notification services might not be available in a few locations due to country-specific regulations.
  • Inactive: The user may be inactive on the devices.

Source: clevertap

  • Network connectivity: Mobiles, when taken to low internet connectivity or with 2g or 3g zones can discard low-priority messages and has less latency than high-speed or 4g network.
  • Error with FCM (Firebase Cloud Manager): All browser notifications are sent to FCM, but if the user has disabled notifications, they may not show immediately updated on your data.
  • Battery Saver: This will forcefully stop the notifications.

Source: pushengage

How reduced push notifications affect your brand?


  • Low engagement.
  • Reduced retention and conversion, increased churn rate.
  • Increased costs and efforts.
  • Decreased app activity and stickiness.
  • Reduced brand awareness.

Reducing the Undelivered push notifications:

  • Personalization: Customised reactions can increase their reactions by 40%. 90% of US consumers think that tailor-made messages are somewhat-to-very appealing.

Source: business.adobe

  • Persuasive offers: Give coupons or freebies to the readers to amplify the impact of notifications.
  • Content: Keep the content crisp, delete words that do not serve a purpose, and add a specific CTA (Call To Action).

Source: business.adobe

  • Do not get spammy: Every day, each user gets 46 notifications per day and 42% of users will opt out if the notifications get spammy.

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Push notifications can be a game changer for brands but the dark side leads to less revenue, cost loss, more churn, and reduced brand loyalty and engagement. With 374 million smartphone users in India, the potential for leveraging push notification marketing is immense.


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Don’t let the dark side overshadow your marketing success!

Thanks for reading.

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