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Published on Oct 1, 2023


Eight out of ten customers look for welcome mail. How will you feel when a person you know wishes you with a broad smile, it’s perfect! But as a business owner or email marketer are you taking the time to greet your consumers? They say first impressions are the best, which applies in the biz world too! Customers are the central part and how you leave a first impression matters! So the welcome campaign is that solid ‘first impression’. You can either get on their good side or the wrong side! Let me help you leave a better impression on the users.

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What is a welcome campaign?

A welcome campaign is that inaugural email you send to a new user subscribing to your newsletters or buying a new product or service. This is the first interaction they have with your brand in their onboarding journey. Even with all the benefits, 57.7% of brands only send welcome emails, end up in this bracket, and others miss out on this golden opportunity. Welcome emails have an open rate of 30.45% which is a 202% increase.

Why should you consider a welcome campaign?

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  • Valuable: Make every user feel valued and appreciated. Effective communication can change the entire stance users can have on the brands. I mean, who doesn’t love a heartfelt thank-you note?
  • Effortless: Welcome emails can be fully automated eliminating the need for manual sends. Sit back and let the magic happen!

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This is what welcome email automation looks like.

  • Credibility: This mail can introduce your brand and its products to your new customers, establishing credibility from the start.
  • Boost sales: Alexa Engelhart, Vice President of Client Strategy at Power Digital Marketing said that there is a 10-day window between the welcome mail and the first purchase. Craft the perfect welcome series to turn readers into buyers.
  • New leads: 48 hours is the prime time for your new user to learn everything about your biz and discover any exciting deals you have to offer.
  • Long-term relationship: Setting the stage for the new user and giving them the right info on what types of mail they can anticipate and what products will your brand give to ensure a lesser churn rate and less subscription rate. Welcome emails can increase by 33% more long-term brand engagement.

How to craft an irresistible welcome mail?

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  • Clear sender name: Ensure your readers immediately recognize who’s contacting them.


  • Compelling subject line: Make the subject line enticing and attention grabber.


  • Value addition: Any value ad like a coupon, or a freebie can enhance your relationship with the user.
  • CTA: Call To Action or CTA is the action you can ask your readers to perform. Make it clear and compelling.


  • Contact info: Make sure to add all of your social media handles so the readers can know better ways to connect with you.


  • Easy unsubscribe link: This can better filter out your audience to get better engagement rates and to test which actually suits the preferences of your audience.
  • Clear message: Be it promotional, coupon, or product introduction make sure the motive is clear in your content.
  • Don’t bombard the readers: Too much information can easily make the readers lose interest in your brand. Keep the whole mail concise generating more leads. Visuals and infographics can make this possible.
  • USP: Highlight what sets your brand apart!
  • Gratitude: Express your genuine appreciation to the reader.
  • Personalization: Subject lines with reader’s names can have an 64% open rate.

If this jargon is bombarding your brain don’t worry! We at Retention10 can give you perfect content to set up your email marketing strategy. Don’t forget Email marketing is said to give the best ROI.

Types of welcome mail:

  • Introductory: This can be about your brand story and how it can fulfill their needs. Wish them and show your gratitude.

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  • Coupon: Add some special offer or coupon as a gift! Everyone loves a gift. Welcome emails with coupons can boost your revenue by 30%.

Source: klaviyo

  • USP: Make sure your product and your mail stand out from your competitors emphasizing your value.

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  • Get to know your users: For a better long-term relationship with your users, find out what their preferences are and what exactly are they looking for in your biz.

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  • Next Plan: Provider your users with the next steps and resources to get ahead in their subscription.

Source: Sender

There is no right or wrong welcome mail for your brand but you can experiment with A/B Testing to seek the most effective approach or even use 2 types in one welcome mail or in the welcome series.

Why Retention10?

Retention10 can curate your flawless and effective ‘welcome campaign mail’! But we offer more than that! We can curate the best-of-the-best Customer Retention strategies to help your biz in every way possible. With content, timely reports, establishing a direct line of communication, budget-friendly best digital marketing practices, and more to elevate your brand.


A welcome email can also be more than one mail In fact, a series of three welcome emails can generate 90% more orders than one welcome mail. Email Marketing and Welcome emails are powerful tools to get closer to your audience but this is not the only tool out there. But you can have the perfect tool, a one-size-fits-all solution! It’s us, Book a demo call with Retention10 right away!

Thanks for reading.

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