Challenges & Our Solution

Yes! WhatsApp is an expensive channel, with 0.79p charged for each message sent. And getting a return on investment at this cost is a difficult undertaking. and we have the right skills to do this in the most efficient manner.


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There are 20+ Industry known CRM tools available in the global market, every tools has it’s pros and cons and we’re the team who has been working experience in Top 10 CRM tools and know how to do a mapping with the business need vs the tool offering.


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We have your back with a game of content personalisations and micro targeting if you have very little engagement or a low daily active user base.


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The two biggest obstacles to effective retention of customers are a low click-through rate (%) and shorter email open times. If you’re interested in having a comparable adaptation made for your brand, we have all the copy and creative assets that have previously worked for many other companies.


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Only 5% of emails make it to the primary folder at Gmail, while 1 in 3 emails end up in SPAM. To optimize your inbox placement and boost your email domain reputation, we provide the whole pre-defined seed list you need for your email marketing campaigns.


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We are Champions for Customer
Engagement & Retentions

Retention10 CRM agency


We are a group of experienced CRM agency professionals that have been working in this field for an average of five years. Led by the leadership team, who over the last ten years has effectively established CRM channels for businesses of all sizes across a plethora of vivid sectors. The team is made up of people who have years of professional experience and  have previously worked for mid & large scale companies in the last 10 years.


We are a team of enthusiastic and experienced retention experts who are truly passionate about what we do. and understand the entire echo system for customer lifecycle management. When you choose Customer Retention Pro, you are selecting a team that is dedicated to helping you retain customers, increase customer loyalty, and thrive in an ever-changing marketplace. Let's work together to create customer retention activities that set your business apart and propel you toward continued success.

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Our Expertise & What We Do


Retention10 excels in campaign management, positioning us as a top customer retention agency. Through refined skills, we craft and implement impactful campaigns for measurable business results.

Email Marketing

We’re proud of our skill at leveraging email’s power for consumer connections and engagement. Our wide-ranging email marketing expertise sets us apart in the industry.

HTML Development

We create flexible email templates for optimal viewing across devices and email apps, guaranteeing a great experience for your recipients on desktops, mobiles, and tablets.

List Hygiene and

We ensure our email lists are clean and engaged. By prioritizing list hygiene, your emails will land in your clients’ Gmail primary inboxes instead of spam folders. This boosts deliverability and engagement rates.

Solve for funnel
Drop off

Optimize funnel drop-off by leveraging ten years of experience. Utilize strategic emails to engage first-time buyers with personalized content, offers, and recommendations, driving repeat purchases.

CRM Tools

We’re skilled at using a CRM (customer retention management) tool with NO MAU ( Monthly Active User ) cost. This offers businesses a budget-friendly way to handle and foster customer retention, harnessing CRM technology’s potential without adding expenses for active users.

Magic of Content
& Creative

With our expert writers and designers, we craft retention strategies that captivate. Opt for Retention10 to unlock compelling content, brand loyalty, and ever-engaging expansion.

& Dashboard

We know which matrices will work best for your business. We set up the right key performance indicators and fix problems. We leverage data visualization to transform complex information into accessible graphs and charts, revealing crucial trends for you.

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