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How does it feel to be able to retain a connection with your audience on a personal level that goes beyond traditional marketing? Client connection is given utmost importance in the biz world, How about I help you connect with your audience and allow your biz to directly end up in every user’s messages and notifications?

I know I am a lifesaver for your content reach! So, hold on to your hats while I explain what's cooking in the marketing world to help your business forge stronger connections with your customers.

Which users will you target with this article?

Until August 2023, there were approximately 1.36 billion people using iPhones, which accounts for about 19% of total phone users and the number is steadily growing each year. It’s obvious that we can’t afford to ignore such a huge market.

Source: bankmycell

Leveraging Apple’s framework in reaching your clients!

As the Apple ecosystem grows to status in the world, as a savvy marketer, let us take a different approach to level up in reaching every target audience. Being able to join hands with the Apple ecosystem how about you create an entire ecosystem with your customers using Apple-Its possible I’ll show you how!

This is attained by Apple Messages for Business and guess what? The full framework is adaptable to be a game-changer by
a) Identify, Address, and Resolve the client’s issues.
b) Schedule appointments seamlessly.
c) Clear payments with Apple Pay.
d) Engage in user interaction.
Messaging Service Provider (MSP) allows users to find and contact your business through Apple Maps or your phone number.

What is MSP?

Before the era of evolution, what was the best way to send a text message? SMS, yes! MSP is a text messaging service component of the telephone to exchange short text messages as a standard communication protocol.

The Process to make your business avail through Apple Messages for Business

  • The checklist: This is the checklist you need to finish to be eligible for the feature. Make sure you check off everything to make your application process easier.
    • Asynchronous Messaging: The asker and the responder need not be actively messaging each other and is often called ‘async messaging’. please take note that these messages are all being delivered by humans. Therefore this would be a great value ad to your business overall too since the user may carry on with their tasks and wait for the reply altogether and your customer service can take their time to address any issues that don’t require any immediate assistance. So, Apple wants an Asynchronous Messaging Platform with live agents during business hours with basic automation. Additionally, Apple should approve this MSP.

Source: Helpshift

    • Effective Crew: You should have a flawless answering team that will answer and assist every customer. Reroute the messages to the appropriate teams, and do effective plan management if any issue arises.

Source: Freepik

    • Enterprise: Your MSP needs to include medium-to-large enterprise categories.
    • Updated: You need to stay current and keep up with all the enhancements and updates.

Source: pixabay

    • Launch Ready: The ability to solve any query the customer raises.
    • Plan: Create a strategy to get users hooked onto the platform, and make the interface as simple as it gets so your clients will be connected to your business not by long hours of waiting but with minutes of easy access.

Source: depositphotos

    • Two-way Street: Make sure resource planning takes place so you can create perfect two-way messaging and keep your resources ahead to keep your service top-notch.
 2) How does Apple Messages for Business work?

Source: Apple

    • Setting up Apple Business Register
    • An MSP would be able to provide you with software and services to respond to the users aptly.
 3) Procedure:

Source: Apple

    • Set up your Apple Business. You can register here.
    • Upload your branding, Keep your MSP ready!
    • Wait until Apple gives you a green signal. Apple is known for perfection so to check if your application is perfect, it might take a few days!
    • Add team members as backup data.
    • Testing your ability to send and receive messages may require connecting your CRM to be linked with your MSP
    • AND! You know what? We have the ideal CRM curated for you! Check out our company here. (

What is RCS?

Previously, To converse with brands on a phone, people had to download a third-party app or have an iPhone.

To bridge this problem, Google developed the RCS (Rich Communications Services) Messaging protocol in the default messaging apps thus creating a better alternative in the default messaging welcoming an interactive and versatile, has ability to send high-quality images and videos, platform to send gifs and stickers making it an efficient messaging program just like any social media app that supports privacy, end-to-end encryption, group chats, reactions, smart replies, Send read receipts to connect with brands and customers or even just to communicate with people.

The previous SMS or MMS apps made it tough to share any high-quality files. It also required separate cellular data.
Google’s RCS is also available on desktop.

Here are a few other tricks you get from using Google’s RCS!
You can access Google’s RCS through

→ Download it if isn’t already pre-installed. It’s mostly available everywhere however carefully check the restrictions.
But Google’s RCS couldn’t be introduced in Apple mobiles, and that’s the major fallback Apple benefitted from and introduced its very own “Apple Messages for Business”.

Source: Android Police

Apple Messages for Business Rivalry with Google Rich SMS:

Get this! Google and Apple fought over the RCS Messaging! Google wanted its RCS to be the modus operandi for everyone and even Publicly shamed Apple for not using it.

This was the conflict between green and blue bubbles! The context behind this was; how students were bullied for switching from Apple to Android phones.

How can any RCS help you score direct line and retent clients:

  • Engagement: Users with queries on purchase or after a sale, can directly message the brand, and the way you talk with your customers can make or break your relationship with them.
  • Trust: This messaging allows a secure environment for users to come back and get their doubts answers and issues resolved.
  • Self-paced: The clients and business can answer at ease hence resolving the matter most effectively.
  • Desired metrics: Messaging makes it easy to comprehend clients’ needs and provides them with accurate real-time insights with ample payment choices. The whole program makes client-biz interactions simpler and better.
  • Testimonials: Messages can be the perfect tool to get real feedback and testimonials to help your brand grow and implement correct marketing strategies. We all know the importance of ‘knowing your target audience’ in marketing. This can help you streamline and improve client-business relations.
  • Innovative: It’s always better to be creative and to get on with the trends by adding your flavor and twist to the marketing world.
  • Better Interface: Analyze how you don’t have to create a new interface for your users and you can directly have conversations with them through their default messaging apps.
  • Convenience: You know what! One-third of Americans prefer texts over calls. Imagine the whole process of a business transaction from query to feedback in a simpler way of messaging.

Source: Quiq

RCS is intended to set the standard of reliability and branding for your customers. Do not miss this chance to learn more about customer retention, book a demo call with us!

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Every business transaction, as we all know, revolves around communication. For the communication to work, have a connection with your audience and widen the audience base! Focus on both Android and Apple users and get your business on a pedestal. Keep the best foot forward by choosing RCS Messaging. Upscale your CX (Customer Experience) by using our experience in CRM(Customer Retention Management)! Join us, Retention10 for your A-Z Solutions to retain your clients. We are here to integrate CRM for you! Connect with us.

Thanks for reading.

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