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Written by Vanshitha M

Published on Aug 30, 2023


Heard about SMART?
So, This is a call to marketers to be SMART! Make sure you are specific to your goals and keep them measurable! But, in this article let’s talk about M aka Measurable. Let me help you measure each and every marketing policy you keep on track to ensure you don’t deviate from your target!

Metrics to help you not deviate

Success can amount to different things to different marketers pertaining to their sector. But how exactly can we measure the success each marketer craves?
These tools for measuring are called metrics, let’s deep dive into a few metrics and A-Z about them so you know which metric is your soulmate!

why the App stickiness should be your North Star metric.

Metrics are used to help identify which landing page has a great time spent, which blog post led to conversions and all that’s left to identify all-around information on your marketing strategy.

  • Decrease Churn Rate: Churn Rate refers to the percentage of users that stop using an app. When you measure and track your goals, you can identify your loopholes and deviations to fix them and ultimately improve your customer retention.
  • Growth: Metrics can help you acquire and retain more clients thus helping you expand your service more. Usually, acquiring users is given importance but retention them can be tougher! Giving them a reason to come back can exponentially increase customer leads.
  • Improvements: Metrics can also involve a feedback mechanism installed which can ultimately help you as a brand to constantly change and push your horizons.
  • Monetization: By monetary incentives, I do not only mean the direct leads or conversions but subscription-based loyalty programs or even the ads on your website or even a yes to your newsletter! can make your brand leave a credible, lasting image in your user’s or reader’s mind.

Stickiness percentage:

Source: plotline

This stickiness can make us understand how many customers are coming back and engaging with the app again 

DAU or Daily Active Users refers to people who visit the app daily 

MAU or Monthly Active Users refers to people who visit the app once a month.
But comparing results can be different! When you get the answer, the stickiness percentage needed can vary from sector to sector. The retention rate can be 1-day, 7-day, 30-day.

Source: Plotline

This stickiness percentage can be a great way to know how many users are actually spending time on your app. As of 2023, there are over 6 billion apps in this world, so this metric can be used to understand where exactly you stand in the rivalry. There are some reports that state that one in four people discard an app after using it once, This is a world filled with instant downloads and deletes so make sure you incorporate engaging content and measure them from time to time.

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Time Spent on an app/Web

It’s obvious! The more time users spend on your app, the better monetizing benefits you get.
Imagine you are a communication trainer and you put up the greatest content in your blog on the tricks people can use to upscale their communication game and you can actually receive a lead from this content! Or! Even if you don’t get leads, the time spent on your website is more you can get monetary benefits from the ads portrayed.

The time spent can greatly impact your marketing and leads. Again, there is no ideal time to be spent on a website, the time frame is subject to what website or app it is and widely depends on the context.

Repeat Session Percentage:

A session refers to the time spent by a user on the website. Each half-hour makes it a new session for the analytics.
Repeat Session Percentage refers to the percentage of people that return to the website or an app.

Source: wholewhale

User Retention vs. User Stickiness:

Even though these terms are aligned with their shared ideas in a nutshell, they are different.

Source: plotline

On the whole, retention can be how many users are returning back to the app but stickiness refers to how valuable the customer perceives the app to be. Stickiness can be a great attribute to see how much engagement a client can provide your brand or how big of a pedestal they keep you on.

How can you enhance App or Web Retention?

There are multiple ways you can use to improve the value of your metrics!

  • User Experience: Make sure that the user doesn’t get bored or can easily navigate through the app or website.
  • Push Notifications: The notification trend can be really helpful in bringing the users back to the app.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Make sure to use the right tools to make a seamless website that wouldn’t take much time to load which can make the users uninterested. The website or app should be designed creatively to help customers have fun.
  • Troubleshoot: Make sure you fix bugs and update the website or apps frequently so they won’t be outdated
  • Listen: Understand your audience through feedback and lead to a better growth of your brand.
  • Create better content: Do not bombard your website with words, make sure you give valuable information to your readers.
  • Make it visually appealing: Pictures, videos, catchy headlines, and better hooks can all add to a better-looking website.
  • Run A/B tests: Make sure to ideate more creatives so you can experiment and use the test that is the most suitable for your needs.
  • Educate: Learn more on the metrics you can use to help gain attraction from your clients!
  • Links: There can be internal links and external links that build up credibility thus paving the way for better rankings on the Google page.


We at Retention10 can help you bring the best strategies to decrease your churn rate and get results that align with your maximum KPIs (Key performance indicators). There are a lot of hidden secrets we as marketers can use to level up our game. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for all the updates on the marketing biz! You choose any metric that you find best suited but each metric has its agenda to help you make the perfect app or a website.

Thanks for reading.

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